DN400 Twin Chainwinder

Twin Chainwinder

The NEW Twin Chainwinder is an innovative revolutionary product, designed to provide the ultimate control for all awning windows.

The DN400 Twin Chainwinder is perfect for all residential and commerical application where larger awnings windows are found and delivers the ultimate window control where other windows cannot.

This easy to install and operate product features a secure, key lockable configuration as well as a stylish and easy to use fold down lever.  


Self restriction to an opening distance of approx. 105mm in accordance with new testing standards (NCC)

Removable chain from sash plate to aid installation and to assist in cleaning - "chain secure"


Suitable for use on both commercial and residential applications

Supplied with a stainless steel chain as standard

Smooth, effortless operation and control for large awning windows

Australian industry standard 6 year warranty applies


Aluminium housing with stainless steel chain as standard


Available in a full range of standard and non-standard powdercoat colours


Pin or disc cylinders available

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